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‘Suicide Squad’ ‘Harley Quinn’ Solo Movie Possibly Happening, Margot Robbie’s Biggest Break Yet

‘Suicide Squad’ ‘Harley Quinn’ Solo Movie Possibly Happening, Margot Robbie’s Biggest Break Yet
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‘Suicide Squad’ ‘Harley Quinn’ Solo Movie Possibly Happening, Margot Robbie’s Biggest Break Yet

Since Suicide Squad movie’s initial release, there have been speculations that the Task Force X members will soon appear in other DC title as supervillains. For now, Captain Boomerang has already been highly suggested to appear in The Flash movie.

While Jared Leto’s The Joker also has the possibility to be cast in Batman solo movie by Ben Affleck, when can we expect the rest of the worst supervillains to appear? Fortunately, it looks like one of them has already been confirmed.

According to a tweet by superhero nerd Daniel Eliesen, Warner Bros. already has a “Suicide Squad” member lined up for “the Untitled 2019 DC Film.” He also said that it “has been slotted even put on WB marketing calenders.”

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Daniel Elisesen suggests “It’s a Harley movie!” according to his source. However, even he isn’t sure if his source meant it was solo movie for Harley Quinn or weather the fictional character was part of another combined movie.

Earlier last month, Warner Bros, revealed various Untitled DC films scheduled till 2020. If the tweet is true, it could be possible that Margot Robbie could appear either as a supporting character or in her very own stand alone movie. But it is too early to speculate a rumor any further.

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Harley Quinn first appeared as a supporting character for The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. However, In the recent released “Suicide Squad,” the clown was part of Harley’s backstory. While both character remain in the shadow, DCEU could plan a movie to explain their origin to the fans.

“Suicide Squad” movie is currently performing better than critics expected. The film has grossed over $300million in box office worldwide still continues to earn more.

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