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‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-Ray Release Date: X-Rated Scenes Possibly Included

‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-Ray Release Date: X-Rated Scenes Possibly Included
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‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-Ray Release Date: X-Rated Scenes Possibly Included

Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad continues to dominate Hollywood as the movie has currently earned $318.6 million at the box office. A recent tweet suggests that the title “will join the Top50 all-time domestic blockbusters list bumping of Iron Man in the process.” Check out the tweet below.

While David Ayer’s film has been officially considered a success by the studio, the movie still contained many blunders. Fans were especially disappointed with the screen time provided to the much-anticipated Joker, played by Jared Leto.

Since the box office success, fans have been expecting Warner Bros. to reveal the deleted scenes of The Joker and Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad Blu-Ray and DVD version. However, the studio hasn’t announced plans to reveal the edited scenes.

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Recently, DVDs Release Dates updated their website with information on Suicide Squad’s upcoming release. Their description revealed that the DVD and Blu-ray version “is estimated for November 2016” release. However, the Digital HD and Amazon video release date has not been announced yet.

The website updated its catalogue with pricing information on DVD, Blu-ray and the limited edition version. The Amazon Exclusive will contain a figurine of a Suicide Squad member. Currently, the website only revealed Harley Quinn and Deadshot, their options priced at $116.99.

It was earlier revealed that scenes involving The Joker physically abusing Harley Quinn was edited from the theatrical cut. While Warner Bros. released edited scenes for Batman v Superman in the Ultimate Edition, the studio has not announced plans to do the same for Suicide Squad.

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Earlier, there were speculations that Warner Bros. will announce a Suicide Squad sequel. However, so far, the studio has only confirmed a Harley Quinn standalone movie. Margot Robbie will be the executive producer for the title.

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