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Suicide Squad Blu-Ray Release Date Leaked, The Joker R-Rated Scenes Possibly Included

Suicide Squad Blu-Ray Release Date Leaked, The Joker R-Rated Scenes Possibly Included
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Suicide Squad Blu-Ray Release Date Leaked, The Joker R-Rated Scenes Possibly Included

Many DC fans believe Suicide Squad movie failed to meet the critics and entire audience expectations due to its editing process. It was revealed that Warner Bros. cut many scenes involving Jared Leto’s The Joker and other sequences from the film.

While fans are hoping Warner Bros. to release an extended version (Ultimate Edition) similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio still hasn’t revealed its intention to release the director’s cut.

As Warner Bros. remain tight lipped about its plans for the Blu-ray version, e-commerce website, Amazon in UK couldn’t hold in its excitement for the upcoming limited Edition release for Suicide Squad.

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It looks like accidentally uploaded the Blue-ray 3D details for Suicide Squad movie in their catalog. According to the image below, the Limited Edition will be releasing with a Deadshot Statue on December 28th, 2016 for £89.99.

As excited as fans are in the UK, the DC Community in the United States and other countries are aching to know the exact release date for Suicide Squad Blu-ray 3D. But it’s not likely for Warner Bros. to announce them at present.

Currently, Suicide Squad is performing at its best in Box office. The movie is in the verge of grossing more than $600 million worldwide. Furthemore, earlier reports also confirmed that recent release like Ben-Hur failed to step over Suicide Squad movie at Box office.

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Fans are currently hoping Warner Bros. to release Suicide Squad Limited Edition with the deleted scenes if the studio decides otherwise over releasing an Ultimate Edition. The extras will be containing sequences involving The Joker and Harley Quinn.

While Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed the scenes that were removed from the movie, several reports have kicked in with detailed description of  the deleted scenes.

Suicide Squad: UK Blu Ray Release Is December 28th: Leaked By Amazon from DC_Cinematic

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