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Suicide Squad: 5 Reasons Critics Hated The Movie

Suicide Squad: 5 Reasons Critics Hated The Movie
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Suicide Squad: 5 Reasons Critics Hated The Movie

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad suffered heavily from criticism after its first early screening. However, the movie was appreciated by DC fans for meeting their expectation and was also considered to be better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While there are many reviews revealing the main issues that lead to the failure of Suicide Squad movie, these are the five reasons why David Ayer’s depiction failed to appeal to the film critics.

Hyped Up Trailer

Since the release of its initial teaser trailer, Warner Bros. had been hyping Suicide Squad as a movie capable of being the savior DCEU has been waiting for.

A film that featured Arkham villains as heroes capable of saving the world was never meant to be DCEU’s first successful title after its failure with MOS and BvS. While David Ayer never planned on over-hyping the movie, Warner Bros’ desperation for a successful break was its downfall.

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Movie Was Compared to MCU

Most of the film critics have yet again failed to see DCEU’s depiction of its universe to be entirely different from Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC films will go on to continue with its dark epic style of filming with a pinch of humor.

DCEU and Warner Bros. priority to stay true with the comics over appealing to the critics will remain till Geoff Johns is in control over the Universe.

The Joker Failed On Many Levels

Involving The Joker in Suicide Squad is certainly one of the many reasons why the movie is performing at its best in box office. However, we cannot deny that it was also a terrible mistake by David Ayer.

The Joker’s lengthy appearance as the main villain in The Dark Knight managed to change the audience perspective in the 21st century. While Jared Leto could have fit Heath Ledger’s shoes as the Joker, the movie failed to give him more screen time to reveal his comical side of the clown.

Furthermore, David Ayer’s mess up with a game changing fictional character was reckless as a director. Perhaps, involving The Joker in the movie was the wrong decision from the start.

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No Gripping Plot

Unlike Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad managed to conceal its main plot and super villain in its trailer. However, a flat storyline such as this was never meant to be shot as 2 hour film.

The entire story of recruiting Task Force X and finally going up against the Enchantress could have been compressed to fit into another DC film like Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

Shot Like A DC Animated Feature Film

Every DC Animated feature film is released with a screen time of approx 1 hour 20 minutes. In 2014, DC Entertainment released “Batman: Assault on Arkham” which managed to win over the critics as well as the fans with its plot.

Suicide Squad movie could have received applause from film critics if it had changed game plan in its style of direction and film making.

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