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Suicide Squad 2: Sequel Release Date Hinted!

Suicide Squad 2: Sequel Release Date Hinted!
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Suicide Squad 2: Sequel Release Date Hinted!

Since the box office success of Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad, fans have been expecting to hear news on a sequel for David Ayer movie. Fortunately, it looks like the studio has already included Part 2 in its schedule list.

Earlier this week, Variety film reporter Justin Kroll confirmed that Warner Bros. will announce “sequel” and “spin offs” news for Suicide Squad in the upcoming “holiday”. Recently, an anonymous source has revealed the exact dates.

According to a post on 4Chan, Suicide Squad 2 will be announced as a live project “the next September 2”. Fans are puzzled as the source didn’t confirm if it would be reveal this year (Friday) or next year of September.

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If Warner Bros. is in fact announcing sequel news for the movie the upcoming week, it has also been speculated that fans can expect news on Harley Quinn spin-off as well. Furthermore, there have also been rumors that The Joker could be the main villain in the sequel.

As of now, the 4Chan post’s authenticity is unconfirmed. Earlier in June, a 4chan post alleging to inform fans with leaked DC plan list was shattered to be “not true” by a credible source.

Warner Bros. still hasn’t commented on the recent rumors. Furthermore, fans are currently expecting the studio to release their limited edition copy with the deleted scenes of The Joker.

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Earlier this month, accidentally leaked the release date and details of the limited edition copy. While some fans are expecting Warner Bros. to release an Ultimate Edition similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, majority believes the edited scenes would be added as extras.

Currently, fans are also expecting the critical failed Suicide Squad movie to set its mark at $700 Million at Box office worldwide.

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