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Subway Suspends Relationship With Jared Fogle Over Child Pornography Investigation

Subway Suspends Relationship With Jared Fogle Over Child Pornography Investigation
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Subway Suspends Relationship With Jared Fogle Over Child Pornography Investigation

Subway has announced it is suspending its relationship with longtime spokesman, Jared Fogle, following the FBI’s raid into his home in relation to a child pornography investigation. The company has also removed all associations with Fogle from its official website late afternoon Tuesday.

Fogle became Subway’s spokesman in 2000. At the time he dramatically lost weight as a freshman at Indian University just by eating an all-Subway diet. According to unnamed sources, FBI’s raid at his home is in connection with the arrest of Russell Taylor in May. Taylor was the former executive director of Fogle’s charity devoted to children’s health.

The decision was mutual

“Subway & Jared Fogle have agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation. Jared is cooperating with authorities,” the company said in a statement.

“We are shocked about the news & believe it is related to a former Jared Foundation employee. We are monitoring the situation closely,” the company said.

Fogle was served search warrant in connection to a child pornography investigation

FBI raided Fogle’s home at Zionsville Tuesday morning in connection with an ongoing investigation related to child pornography, FOX59 reported. The FBI swooped in at 6 a.m. Tuesday, bringing with search warrants for a raid that lasted the whole day. The FBI sequestered Fogle’s computers and DVDs and were examined in a large Mobile Forensics Lab parked outside Fogle’s home.

Ron Elberger, Fogle’s lawyer, said that his client is cooperating with the authorities. “Jared has been cooperating with law enforcement and its investigation of certain unspecified activities and looks forward to its conclusion. Jared has not been arrested, detained or charged with anything,” Elberger told FOX59.

FBI investigation connected to Taylor’s child pornography charge

An unnamed source has confirmed with ABC News that the raid conducted at Fogle’s home is in connection to the arrest of Taylor in May. Taylor was the former executive of Fogle’s charity devoted to securing children’s health.

Taylor was charged by a criminal complaint in May with seven counts of production and one count of possession of child pornography, according to court documents from U.S. district court of Indiana. The arrest and charges against Taylor was based on information that Taylor was allegedly in possession of illegal pornographic images. During the search of his home prior to his arrest, authorities found a cache of sexually explicit photos and videos that he allegedly produced by secretly filming minor children at his home.

The authorities were able to find over 400 videos of child pornography on computers and storage media recovered from Taylor’s home office in his Indianapolis residence. Some of the videos were produced inside the bathrooms or bedrooms of Taylor’s home, during the period between 2012 and 2015.


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