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‘Stupid’ United Nations: Rodrigo Duterte Defends Alleged Extrajudicial Killings

‘Stupid’ United Nations: Rodrigo Duterte Defends Alleged Extrajudicial Killings
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‘Stupid’ United Nations: Rodrigo Duterte Defends Alleged Extrajudicial Killings

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte called the United Nations “stupid” for interfering with his administration’s fight against illegal drugs, which claimed roughly a thousand lives since he assumed office on June 30.

During the 115th anniversary of the Philippine National Police on Wednesday, Duterte reacted to a comment UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon issued in June condemning Duterte’s apparent support for extrajudicial killings in solving drug problems and criminality in the country.

Rodrigo Duterte Tirade

The foul-mouthed mayor-turned-president warned the UN for initiating an investigation like (the Philippine government) are criminals. And if the UN would initiate such investigation, they would not be received warmly in his country, adding, “I am going to whack him in the head,” Manila-based Philippine Star reported.

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“Here comes the UN easily swayed and coming on a very stupid proposition of, you know, for those who are killed by the drug syndicates we can only investigate, but do not attribute acts of other criminals upon my government,” Duterte was quoted as saying by the Philippine Star.

Duterte’s Landslide Win

Duterte became the Philippine’s 16th president in an overwhelming victory in May’s elections with over 6 million margin, with his closest rival Mar Roxas as the anointed bet of the previous administration.

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Since his assumption to office, at least 1054 individuals have died from the government’s campaign against illegal drugs, ABS-CBN reported. But the government said that’s nothing compared to the thousands who safely surrendered before the authorities unharmed.

“UN can only investigate genocide, when you kill… killing children, killing the whole community… but when you kill criminals who fight you and criminals who fight among themselves, that is our duty. We will answer for every killing that involves a human being, whether it is connected with the fulfillment of duty of the police or not,” Duterte added.

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