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Students Raise Money To Buy Teacher Special Glasses For The Color Blind

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Students Raise Money To Buy Teacher Special Glasses For The Color Blind

Matt Alzamora is a brilliant history teacher, but his world lacks colors. Thanks a bunch of his students though, that’s about to change.

Alzamora has been color blind his whole life. That means he is incapable of seeing certain colors on his own. Nonetheless, that has not really bothered him much over the years. “When you’re colorblind, your whole life, you can’t say you’re missing anything if you’ve never seen it,” Alzamora explained.

However, this 35-year-old readily admits that color blindness can also make life difficult. For starters, he usually struggles to put on matching clothes. In fact, he has even ended up wearing lime green pants to blind date because he thought they were brown. Meanwhile, in class, Alzamora has long decided to skip the art component of the course he teaches. I don’t really enjoy impressionism because that’s all based around color,” he told Inside Edition. “I almost pretty much skipped that whole thing because it doesn’t do much for me.”

Hearing his stories, Alzamora’s students were inspired to color their teacher’s world. 14-year-old Maci Chambers and 15-year-olds Nichole Dorn and Andrew Bergman knew there’s a special pair of glasses that can make this possible. The problem was, they were quite expensive. Alzamora himself knew this much. “I had heard about it online but they’re expensive,” he said.

Students raised enough money to buy Alzamora a pair of special glasses.

Nonetheless, his students decided they would work to raise money until they had enough to finally buy their teacher a pair. In fact, students simply started to donate whatever amount they could. “I had someone bring in over $100, someone over $50 – people brought in $20, $10, $5, so a lot of people pitched in more than what was necessary,” Bregman told ABC 7. Soon, the group had managed to collect $528. Initially, they had set their sights on the cheapest pair but now, they had enough to get a pricier model. Once they got the glasses, the students decided to surprise Alzamora with it.

And so when Teacher Appreciation Week came, the students surprised Alzamora while he was in the middle of a staff meeting. They presented him with his new pair of special eyeglasses. To test them, they also presented him with a bunch of multi-colored balloons.

Needless to stay, Alzamora was more than pleased with the ‘big reveal.’ “It was incredible. It was like vivid. I never realized how many colors there were.”

Today, Alzamora is looking forward to seeing more colors around him. In fact, he and his class are about to check out a number of amazing paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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