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Student And His Dog Graduate High School Together

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Student And His Dog Graduate High School Together

Graduation could not be more special for this young man. After all, he got to graduate with his best friend in the world, his dog.

Tyler McCready proudly wore his red graduation gown and cap as he joined his graduation ceremony alonside his dog, Sinatra. Throughout his high school life at Rose Bud High School, Sinatra’s presence has been instrumental in helping out Tyler in school for the past few years.

You see, Sinatra is no ordinary dog. He is actually Tyler’s diabetic alert dog. And it’s up to Sinatra to make sure that Tyler is able to go through school without any major blood sugar issues.

Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in January 2012. “One day we were in Missouri and suddenly I got really thirsty and started drinking a lot of water,” Tyler told THV 11. His aunt just so happens to be a nurse. She immediately noticed the symptoms and encouraged Tyler’s family to have him see a doctor for a check up. That’s how Tyler discovered that he was not as healthy as he would like.

“We went to the hospital and they checked my sugar. It was through the roof. They said I should’ve been in a coma, but I was lucky,” Tyler recalled. He also remembered that he did not exactly know what diabetes was when doctors first told him about it. “We knew nothing about diabetes, we knew nothing about counting carbs, nothing like that. We were thrown into a whirl wind.”

Gradually, Tyler’s family started to adjust to Tyler’s new condition. At some point, they also realized that Tyler was going to need some more extra help. That is why Tyler’s family decided to set up a GoFundMe account so that they could raise money to get him a service dog. Luckily for Tyler, many people were more than happy to help out. That is how Sinatra came into Tyler’s life. “And within a couple of weeks we got that money up and he was mine.”

Sinatra goes everywhere Tyler goes.

Sinatra is a special Type 1 Diabetes Alert Dog. “He will paw and alert him that his sugar is dropping. And usually the dog is a little bit quicker than the diabetic equipment that he’s got,” Tyler’s dad, Jerry McCready, said. He goes everywhere that Tyler goes. In fact, he has been going to class with Tyler since he was in 10th grade. This is why, it only made sense that Sinatra graduate with Tyler too. “That dog needs a PhD,” Jerry remarked jokingly.

Soon, Tyler will attend college at the Full Sail University in Florida. And you can bet, Sinatra will be attending with him.

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