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Student Dies After Stampede At Nairobi University

Student Dies After Stampede At Nairobi University
Image from Flickr by Alejandro Caceres


Student Dies After Stampede At Nairobi University


Image from Flickr by Alejandro Caceres

One student died and around 100 were injured in a deadly stampede at Nairobi University. It all happened when the students tried to flee from what seemed like another terrorist attack, which turned out to be an electrical explosion. The incident took place around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday.

In the wake of the tension, some students jumped from windows.

“I could see the students jumping and one of them landed on his head,” said third-year Felix Muriuki, talking to Reuters.

Students said they heard three loud blasts before the dormitory turned dark.

“We thought it was another al-Shabab attack,” said Eddy Capella, a first-year.

One student lost his life when he tried to vacant the place in a hurry through the university window.

“We have lost one male student who fell from fifth floor,” said university vice-chancellor Peter Mbithi outside Kenyatta National.

The sound of the explosion at first created havoc at the women’s dormitory wing. The screaming created a huge commotion within the men’s wing. All students woke up and tried to make their way out of the university campus in a hurry.

Kenya Power, the country’s main electricity distributor, informed that the electrical issue was caused by an overloaded underground cable.

“I’m not feeling 100 per cent safe on campus, but I will continue with my studies,” Muriuki said.

The incident reminded students of the April 2 terrorist attack on Garissa University by Somalia’s al-Qaeda-aligned group al-Shabab, which killed around 148 students. The funerals took place around the country.

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