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Street View of Google Navigates the Vast Colorado River

Street View of Google Navigates the Vast Colorado River


Street View of Google Navigates the Vast Colorado River

Are you dreaming of exploring the Colorado River? It would surely be an extreme outdoor adventure as you sail through the whitewater. You should also take the challenge and the risk of suffering from heat exhaustion or taking a 12-hour trek to the canyon floor and back to enjoy one of the most attractive environments from nature.

There is good news for you as you don’t need to get to Grand Canyon to see and experience the Colorado River adventure. It is now possible to do it virtually through Google’s Street View. Now, you can take a trip through the river using your PC. You can possibly enjoy the sights without subjecting yourself to the physical risks and dangers of doing it personally and actually.

It is now possible to take the self-guided tour to Colorado River. Simply go to Google’s Street View. From there, try finding the Colorado River. It is possible to enjoy the view anytime of the day, right at the comfort of your home or wherever you can be.

Virtual trip to Colorado River

Through the Google Street View, anyone could now ride the alluring whitewater rapids as well as cruise the sleepy and risky river bends. You can now virtually discover the allure of the side canyons that significantly make the Colorado River a highly treasured resource.

How to enjoy the river through Google Street View? Hit up the Google Maps first. From there, scroll down to the Colorado River. Zoom for as many times as you want. It would take a few clicks and a few seconds to do so, especially for those users who are geographically challenged.

Google is also running a couple of short links for people to enjoy the Street View trail into the vast river. Interestingly, this amazing new feature on Street View is also covering a portion of the Hermit Scale and the Deer Creek Falls.

Up and down of the feature

However, for the most meticulous users, there could be some form of annoyance in the Google Street View trip to the Colorado River. Some users are starting to ask why the company had to self-sensor by obscuring and blurring the boat where the Street View camera was installed. In some scenes, a portion of the boat would occupy a small portion of the screen.

On the upside, this project is a collaborative effort with the American Rivers. It is aimed at increasing awareness of people, which would eventually lead to preservation efforts that surround the Colorado River.

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