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Street Fighter V: Rocky Beginning, Glitches & Apologies

Street Fighter V: Rocky Beginning, Glitches & Apologies
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Street Fighter V: Rocky Beginning, Glitches & Apologies

This Tuesday, Feb. 16, the latest installment from the game series, Street Fighter, was launched for PlayStation 4 and PC. The anticipated Street Fighter V, however, was off to a bad start as gamers experienced several server issues that have affected it.

Capcom has already apologized for the mishaps that has plagued the players of the game and has announced that it is already working on fixing the problem. Producer Yosinori Ono, has also added that another key concern that they have about the game is improving the stability of the online pay of the game, reports GameSpot.

The developer of the game has posted a message on its SFVServer account in Twitter saying that it had already identified the issue that has caused the game’s servers to go back down. Since then, Capcom has restored the online play functionality. However, it has warned that some players might still get to experience intermittent disconnects.

Meanwhile, Ono’s message goes, “My sincerest apologies again about [the] SFV server situation. I think we need to improve on this problem the most.” Last year in November, Ono has said in an interview that the team assigned to the latest Street Fighter installment will do their best to ensure that the game wouldn’t launch with severe connection problems like those encountered on earlier versions of the game. It seems that they haven’t been that successful though.

While the people behind the anticipated game have apologized for the unfortunate errors, a lot of players are left annoyed and dismayed. According to Crave, Street Fighter V currently has a 46% rating on Steam because of receiving about 400 negative user reviews.

The game, which was introducing a lot of new characters with this installment, encountered several issues that players have complained about. So far, the list of error that users have noted, according to Gosu Noob, includes the game not being able to connect to the servers; so far this seems to be the most common  problem that everyone has encountered.

Another problem is receiving the “error 2100d” notification, which can be resolved by making sure the player is not trying to run the beta client. If not, then it probably has to do with the server issues.

There are also performance issues being claimed by consumers. One of the reasons for this are outdated graphics card drivers. If the user has one, they should probably upgrade it or try lowering the settings and hope that Capcom manages to fix the game soon.

Other problems also include the Gamepad/arcade stick not working in the game on PC; having black screen after the game has been launched; the gaming crashing down with the message “Fatal Error Kiwi”; and the frame dropping during fights in the game. For now Capcom has promised to try and resolve the problems. All the players can do is wait, keep their fingers crossed and wish that they get to play the game without any glitches.

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