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Street Fighter V Rage Quitting – Capcom Says “Severe Punishment”

Street Fighter V Rage Quitting – Capcom Says “Severe Punishment”
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Street Fighter V Rage Quitting – Capcom Says “Severe Punishment”

It has been a few weeks since the video game Street Fighter V or SFV debuted. And though playing it is not exactly smooth sailing, so far it managed to overcome some of the major drawbacks and pull itself to continue for its gamers sake. However, there’s another problem that the game developers need to check and fix – the rage-quitting problem.

This problem was seen and observed by players of the SFV. Some even took the time to complain to the developers of the game. So far Capcom, \has not managed to fix the said problem. However, it said that they are aware of it and now have plans on serving up severe punishments for the “worst offenders,” reports Gamespot.

Capcom on its blog post thanked all the players that have brought the matter to their attention. Though they have plans to serve up punishment, they explained that they still need the help of players to submit a video evidence of those that engage in the violation.

They also stated that they will follow up with more details next week but for now, asks their loyal players to record every situation of rage-quitting that they experience. Capcom says that the best way to do so is to “use the Share function on the PlayStation 4 after the match has ended, they assure players though that video evidence (or Twitch archives, local recordings etc.) is already enough.

The act of rage-quitting can be compared or considered as a game “cheat.” Most game cheats involve pressing the proper keys, hacking the code with something that will make your player more powerful, add additional rewards to your team, and or immunity for some. It is what rage quitting is about, cheating their way through the game in order to maintain their statuses.

Basically this practice involves leaving a game just when the player is about to lose. Rage-quitting is usually done on multiplayer games like Counter Strike, Dota, and Starcraft to name a few. This act is heavily criticized and frowned upon, especially by players who are playing the game and making their way into the game honestly.

It has come to the point that developers have already come up with ways on how t punish players who engage in such an act. According to Ubergizmo, it is common for some players to rage quit in Street Fighter V when they are about to lose.

This act hurts their opponents as the match ends up unregistered, therefore the winning player gets cheated on playing for minutes only to end up having no gaming history of his efforts. No wins and additional points for the winner and no losing history for the rage-quitter. These offenders also do it because this helps retain their league points and win streaks.

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