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Street Fighter V: Fighting through new Modes, Characters & Pre-loads

Street Fighter V: Fighting through new Modes, Characters & Pre-loads
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Street Fighter V: Fighting through new Modes, Characters & Pre-loads

The latest franchise of the Street Fighter game is now available via PSN and Steam. That is if you are in North America, Ubergizmo reports. The Street Fighter V game can now be pre-loaded but only if the user has pre-ordered in advance. If you didn’t, then you can catch it during the official release.

So what happens when one is able to pre-load the game? Well, consumers who have digitally purchased the game to download it ahead of time can get to play it the moment it’s released. Meaning, instead of spending time to download it at that moment, they can just proceed to completing the download and playing it already. How awesome can that be, especially if the user is an avid fan who has been waiting for so long?

The latest title of the game has an initial download size of 7.32GB for PlayStation 4 and 7.15GB on Steam. The complete download takes a total 12.34GB storage space on PlayStation 4 and 13.45GB on PC. Street Fighter is a fighting video game by Capcom which is commonly referred to as SF by players of the said game.

Players get to select from an array of characters with different fighting abilities and/or expertise from different countries. The Street Fighter V is the fifth from the game installment. According to GameSpot, the game will officially launch by March and it is arriving with a bang. The game will now come with 16 characters to play with; eight of the characters are already with the game series from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, four of the characters are characters that have been seen in the previous game versions but haven’t appeared for a while in the recent releases. Game Spot also reports that the four newly added characters including the already revealed big-hair, slashing style fighter “Necalli.” The other three characters are yet to be announced as the launch date in March is getting closer.

Although the game will be released for some this February, the in-game store will only be unlocked by March so costume changes for user’s characters will have to wait.

“Battle” Tips where users can learn the ins and outs of the game through helpful demos and tutorial; along with “Trials” where players can put their skills to test with combo trials for all 16 characters from basic to pro combos are also said to be made available by March.

Meanwhile “Targets” where consumers can complete daily renewing goals to earn fight money, in-game titles and other cool stuffs plus the “Extra battle” where players can fight against special CPU bosses in the ultimate challenge and earn rewards after completion; options will be unlocked soon after launching, when? There is exactly no exact date so it might come earlier than the other options or later than all. Stay tuned as Capcom promises more surprises to come.


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