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Strangers Save Toddler, Infant From Truck Flipped By Floodwaters

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Strangers Save Toddler, Infant From Truck Flipped By Floodwaters

For a moment there, it seems like the situation was going to take a turn for the worse. That is, until strangers came together in order to stage a much-needed rescue. Luckily, they got every one just in time.

“I’ve got a baby! Call 911!” one exclaimed as a held an infant. Baby boy Marshal had gone limp. For a moment, it seemed all hope was lost for the little boy.

Marshal, his sister Addyson and his father Phillip Ocheltree had been trapped inside their pickup truck in the middle of raging floodwaters in Myrtle Springs, Texas. And that’s when Tom Mitchell fond them. He was driving in the area when he came across the family’s truck. It had already been flipped over by the flood waters and there seemed to be no movement inside.

When Mitchell arrived, several people were already trying their best to extricate the family from the vehicle. The flood water kept on rushing, making it impossible for them to even open the truck’s door.

Toddler and infant were both unconscious.

After some time, however, the men were finally successful in forcing the truck’s door open. Soon as they did, the men pulled out the infant and passed him along. Marshal looked every bit lifeless and responsive. Seeing this, Mitchell started CPR on the baby soon as he was placed on the back of another truck.

“Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe,” a woman’s voice could be heard as saying in a video footage of the dramatic rescue. Marshal’s little sister was also rescued and loaded on the same truck. The rescuers worked hard to revive the siblings. Soon, both had signs of life. A cry could soon be heard. Meanwhile, the children’s father were also rescued in time.

Following the accident, the children are now recovering nicely. In fact, Phillip said that Addyson is “stable and doing much better.” “She is definitely on the road to recovery,” the father of two added. Phillip has also expressed his gratefulness to everyone who made their rescue possible. “I can’t thank you all enough who came into the water and saved my children your a blessing thank you all so much,” he said.

Phillip said he and his children were trying to get away from tornadoes when their truck got “hydroplaned off the highway.” According to a report from The Weather Channel, at least four people died when several tornadoes touched down in the area earlier in the day.

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