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Stranger Pays For Woman’s Groceries When She Couldn’t Afford It

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Stranger Pays For Woman’s Groceries When She Couldn’t Afford It

One woman never was experiencing a bit of trouble at the supermarket until a complete stranger steps in to help her out. And now, Jill Zimmerman believes she found her “angel.”

35-year-old Zimmerman had just moved to Bettendorf earlier in the month. For her , getting around is quite challenging since she is dealing with some mobility issues. In fact, she has been disabled since 2011.

This is exactly why a trip to Hy-Vee requires some planning on her end. In fact, Zimmerman needs to take the bus to travel two to three miles from her house to go to the supermarket. Zimmerman said she needed to pick up a bunch of “odds and ends.”

However, as Zimmerman was preparing to pay for her items at the cashier, she made one alarming discovery. Zimmerman realized she didn’t have electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card with her. According to a report from USA Today, she decided to immediately cancel her purchase.

“I told the cashier to stop doing the transaction,” Zimmerman recalled. The cashier then requested for a manager in order to void her purchase. When the manager came, they asked Zimmerman if they would like them to hold on to her cart. However, she knew coming back for her items would be nearly impossible. “I told them probably not since it takes a lot out of me to get to the store and back.” Zimmerman thought she would end up leaving the store empty handed at that point until a voice came up from behind her.

A complete stranger steps in to save the day.

“Can I pay for it? I’d really like to,” the voice said. The voice belonged to Marsha White. She was next in line in the cashier and could see what was happening. White proceeded to ask the cashier what was wrong before asking Zimmerman if she could pay for the items instead.

“At first I thought it was a joke and hesitated but, I could see the compassion in her eyes and I really did need the food,” Zimmerman said. Zimmerman also kept telling White that it was a lot of money but the woman kept insisting on picking up her bill. Finally, Zimmer accepted her generosity. “I said I’d do it on one condition… she let me give her a hug. She gave me the warm hug and I thanked her very much over and over again, tears welding in my eyes,” Zimmerman recalled.

Zimmerman said she is completely grateful to White for her kind gesture. It served to affirm her belief that goodness still exists in the world. “She sure touched my heart and made my faith in humanity a whole lot better!” Zimmerman remarked.

After their supermarket encounter, the two women are yet to get in touch with each other again.

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