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This Story About Potatoes From A Kid Will Warm Your Heart

This Story About Potatoes From A Kid Will Warm Your Heart
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This Story About Potatoes From A Kid Will Warm Your Heart

A 12-year-old girl’s poignant message about how “people are like potatoes” is being widely appreciated and shared on the internet.

British Maria Khan asked her young sister, Noor, to help her make dinner. Peeling potatoes, Noor posted an inspirational message on Snapchat, which was shared by her sister on social media and has since gone viral.

“People are like potatoes. The color of skin or marks doesn’t matter,” Noor wrote on SnapChat accompanying a picture of the dinner. In the second Snap, she wrote, “Because they’re all the same once the skin is removed.”

Ever since Khan posted the Snap on Twitter, it has been liked more than 21,000 times and shared in excess of 26,000 times, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Speaking with ABC News, Noor said she was surprised to receive such overwhelming reaction to her message. She said she wrote the message on a whim. “I was just on SnapChat,” she said. “I just thought, ‘I’ll put it on my SnapChat.'” She also changed the icon of the family group chat on SnapChat to one of a heart shaped potato.

Social media users highly praised Noor’s thoughts, admiring her intelligence. “Now that’s a good working brain and soul,” one user said. “Not too many young ones thinking on that level. Let alone any age these days.”

Another user said Noor’s message was “the most inspiring thing I’ve seen today.”

One user called it her favorite tweet of the day, while another described the thought as “beautiful yet so funny.”

Khan said she feels “happy and proud” that her sister was able to move people with her words. “It’s really good to have the mindset of treating everybody equal no matter what their background,” Khan said. “Even though it’s just potatoes, it does have a deeper meaning to it.”

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