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Steven Universe Cancelled: Season 3 Poor Ratings: Season 4 and 5 Possibly Scrapped

Steven Universe Cancelled: Season 3 Poor Ratings: Season 4 and 5 Possibly Scrapped
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Steven Universe Cancelled: Season 3 Poor Ratings: Season 4 and 5 Possibly Scrapped

Fans all over the world are outraged as there are rumors in the internet suggesting that “Steven Universe” animated TV series has been cancelled. After its last episode “Onion Gang” on September 15th, the Cartoon Network show was believed  to be on a hiatus although the program creators didn’t announce it officially.

While some fans were assured that “Steven Universe” has not yet been cancelled, the silence from the program creators led them to doubt their belief. Moreover, the titles of the upcoming episodes have also not yet been revealed.

Speculations still continue as some fans believe the hiatus/cancellation could be due to the low rating of “Steven Universe” in season 3. While this claim is baseless, a report on IMDb has brought new information to light.

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The statistics on the website has revealed a drop in the popularity of the show among audience.

While “Steven Universe” show could be close to a cancellation, a leak on Reddit has led fans to believe that the animated show will soon be renewed. The forum website revealed titles of the upcoming episode and also suggested that the next episode from season 4 will be aired on November 24th or 25th.

The cancellation rumors has slowly began to die down thanks to recently held New York Comic-Con event. During the panel, Rebecca Sugar played a new song which will be used for an episode called “Three Gems and a Baby.” Fans can check out the video below.

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Movie News Guide also revealed that during the panel, a preview of Gem Harvest episode was also shown during NYCC. While Steven Universe may have not been cancelled, the TV show’s airing dates of its upcoming episodes haven’t been announced yet either.

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