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Steven Avery Marrying A Blonde: Facts About Lynn Hartman

Steven Avery Marrying A Blonde: Facts About Lynn Hartman
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Steven Avery Marrying A Blonde: Facts About Lynn Hartman

Not even prison can prevent Steven Avery from finding love as the subject of the hit series Making a Murderer is now revealed to be engaged. The lucky woman is 53-year old Lynn Hartman, a legal secretary from Las Vegas.

“Steven deserves every bit of happiness that comes his way,” says Avery’s attorney Kathleen Zellner. “He is very much in love and happy with Lynn so we are happy for them.”

According to the People, Avery and Hartman have been dating for eight months though have only met in person once. Their first meeting happened last week when she visited her fiancé in Wisconsin’s Waupun Correctional Institute.

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Steven Avery has spent 11 years in the facility for the murder of 25-year-old Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach. The Making a Murderer series focuses on his fight to prove his innocence and has brought attention to his plight and his nephew’s.

Steven Avery And Lynn Hartman Romance Began With Letters

The Daily Mail revealed that the couple began their romance with letters before transitioning to phone calls. “She treats me decent, she loves me – she’s kind of spoiling me right now.” says Avery “I’m happy.”

Their relationship has come with complications and not because of Avery’s current situation. Their romance had to be kept secret after Hartman was threatened online by people who claim she’s marrying him for his fame and potential fortune.

The claims began after his ex-fianceé Sandra Greenman who has been visiting him for more than a decade said Hartman is just in it for the money. Avery reached out from his prison cell to put down the rumors telling people to lay-off his new sweetheart.

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It is true that Making a Murderer has been hugely popular. Though there has been no reports of the 53-year old making money from the series. In his own words, he reveals that he just wants to be happy and enjoy his life. Avery also believes he did enough time for the crime he claims he has been falsely convicted of.

His legal team is confident that new evidence they have gathered will prove once and for all that Steven Avery is in fact innocent. The release of his nephew Brendan Dassey who was also convicted for Halbach’s murder has given them renewed hope.

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