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Steven Avery, Fiancée Lynn Hartman In ‘Dr Phil’ Interview: Date, Air Time And Teasers

Steven Avery, Fiancée Lynn Hartman In ‘Dr Phil’ Interview: Date, Air Time And Teasers
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Steven Avery, Fiancée Lynn Hartman In ‘Dr Phil’ Interview: Date, Air Time And Teasers

Steven Avery, subject of the critically acclaimed series Making a Murderer, and his fiancée Lynn Hartman will speak in an interview at Dr. Phil in the show’s October 3 and October 4 episodes.

Hartman, who recently got engaged to Avery, will speak about finding new love in who has been described as one of America’s most notorious convicts.

Meanwhile, Avery, who will be speaking through a phone call from prison, will talk about matters like “his pending nuptials and his infamy and his hope that actor Brad Pitt portray him in a film about his life,” Deadline reports.

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You can check out the teaser, along with more information about the two part episode, here.

Steven Avery: Fiancee Lynn Hartman says initially she wasn’t interested in Making a Murderer case

Hartman was introduced to the series Making a Murderer, and Avery’s case, following the insistence of her daughter. Hartman, a Las Vegas legal secretary, was at that time going through a divorce. Hartman said she “wasn’t interested because I was a Nancy Grace fan, and I believed what she said about the case. So my answer to my daughter was, ‘I don’t want to watch it – I already know [Avery’s] guilty.'”

After watching most of the episodes Hartman started believing that, as was suggested in the series, Avery was framed for filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit after he was wrongfully convicted for sexual assault and spent 18 years in jail.

Avery, who along with his nephew Brendan Dassey is the subject of massively popular Making a Murderer, was convicted in 2007 for the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach. He is currently serving life in prison at the Waupun Correctional Institute, Wisconsin.

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Steven Avery: Fiancee Lynn Hartman says Avery has been a ‘support system’

Dassey’s conviction was recently overturned by a federal judge. The decision is being appealed by the state of Wisconsin. Asked about Dassey’s possible release, Avery said, “The truth is coming out and sooner or later all the truth will come out.”

For Hartman, Avery has been a “support system,” People reports.

“In the beginning of our relationship, we spent a lot of time laughing,” Hartman says. “He’s a very happy – very loving, very selfless. He’s got a great support system with this family.”

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