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Steve Huffman Vows To Clean Up Reddit With New Content Policy

Steve Huffman Vows To Clean Up Reddit With New Content Policy
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Steve Huffman Vows To Clean Up Reddit With New Content Policy

The new Reddit CEO is not wasting time as days after reinstatement, Steve Huffman proposed new content policy in a bid to clean up the online community.

In Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, Huffman presented new restrictions on what Redditors can post on its public pages.

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Huffman enumerated the types of content that are prohibited such as spam, anything illegal, including copyrighted material, but discussion on illicit activities like drugs is allowed. Also prohibited are publication of someone’s confidential and private information, sexually suggestive content that features minors, “anything that harasses, bullies or abuses an individual or group of people” and anything that stimulate violence or harm against group or individual.

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In the latter topic, Huffman categorically stated it is fine to say “I don’t like this group of people” but it is not alright to write, “I’m going to kill this group of people.” Certain topics are also mentioned in the post to have specific classification.

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“Adult content must be flagged as NSFW (Not Safe For Work),” Huffman wrote. “Users must opt into seeing NSFW communities,” he continued, referring to topics such as pornography, which although hard to define, is easily determined when spotted.

Contents violative of “a common sense of decency” which is similarly difficult to define according to Huffman “require a login, must be opted into, will no appear in search results or public listings, and will generate no revenue for Reddit.”

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Huffman elaborated that NSFW classification has been existing already in the beginning and has since been efficient in segregating “pornography from the rest of the Reddit.”

“We believe there is value in letting all views exist, even if we find some of them abhorrent as long as they don’t pollute people’s enjoyment of the site,” Huffman added.

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The CEO also said having a stricter approach enables the board to renounce content they do not want to associate with Reddit, but provides liberty to Redditors who “consume it if they choose.”

Reddit has been controversial when Victoria Taylor was terminated which Redditors initially took to be then-interim CEO Ellen Pao’s decision, but which later turned out to have been done allegedly by Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

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