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Stephen King’s Horror Thriller “IT” Movie Release Date & Plot Revealed

Stephen King’s Horror Thriller “IT” Movie Release Date & Plot Revealed


Stephen King’s Horror Thriller “IT” Movie Release Date & Plot Revealed

Warner Bros. recently revealed the release dates of the upcoming remakes of movies “IT.” Fans will be thrilled to know that the plot of the movie adaptation will be closer to the original material.

The studio has allotted September 8, 2017 for the release of Stephen King’s horror thriller “IT” which has been in the work since 2014.

“It” is a story of a group of childhood pals who are in a fight against Pennywise the Clown. The creature is said to be the feeder of fear on children. Dubbed as “The Loser’s Club,” the group of friends believed that they already won against the clown only to realize that it will come back 30 years after, Screen Rant said in a report.

Slash Film said that “It” was revealed to be on board since 2014’s fall when “True Detective” director Cary Fukunaga was announced to lead Stephen King movie adaptation of the story.  However, Cary Fukunaga dropped the directorship citing difference between him and the studio Warner Bros. He was replaced by “Mama” director Andy Muschietti. In addition, Will  Poulter will star as the Pennywise clown for “It.”

Initially, “It” was planned to have two installments but Cary Fukunaga’s withdrawal made the studio decide to leave it to one movie instead.

Back in February, producer Roy Lee, said that shooting will begin later this year. He also confirmed at the time that the script was co-written by Gary Doberman and Muschietti and hat plot will be very close to the novel.

“It is very close to the source material in one way but very different if you look at it as a literary piece of work,” Lee told Collider.

“We’re taking it and making the movie from the point of view of the kids, and then making another movie from the point of view of the adults, that could potentially then be cut together like the novel,” he added.

Meanwhile, “CHiPs” is set to be out earlier with released date of August 11, 2017. “CHiPs” is the adaptation of the hit NBC series that took over airtime from 1977-1983.

“CHiPs” follows the story of a two highway patrol officers in California as they took on their crime-fighting adventures.

Dax Shephard will play as Officer Jon Baker while Michael Pena will took on the role of Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, Shepard is also the writer and director behind the movie.

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