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Stephen Hawking Helps With Launch Of Massive Alien Search

Stephen Hawking Helps With Launch Of Massive Alien Search
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Stephen Hawking Helps With Launch Of Massive Alien Search

Are there really aliens? One of the biggest unsolved questions ever, despite a few alleged eye witness accounts, has just received a supporter in the form of Stephen Hawking.

A venture to discover strong evidences of alien life will involve 10 years of listening to signals from millions of stars surrounding Earth, as what BBC reported.

The initiative, which costs £64 million ($100 million) was launched by a group called Breakthrough Initiatives at the Royal Society of London.

Prof Hawking was there during the launch. In a statement, he said, “Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps, intelligent life may be watching these lights of ours, aware of what they mean.

“Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos – unseen beacons, announcing that here, on one rock, the Universe discovered its existence. Either way, there is no bigger question. It’s time to commit to finding the answer – to search for life beyond Earth.

“We are alive. We are intelligent. We must know.”

It is reported to be the largest scientific search for intelligent life beyond our planet. It is reported to involve the use of two most powerful telescopes in the world: West Virginia’s Green Bank Telescope and New South Wales’ Parkes Telescope.

The founder of the initiative, Yuri Milner, said, “”Current technology gives us a real chance to answer one of humanity’s biggest questions: Are we alone?”

According to the Breakthrough Initiatives website, the venture will “cover 10 times more of the sky than previous programs” and it will “scan at least 5 times more of the radio spectrum – and 100 times faster.”

There will also be international competitions as to who can create digital messages that can represent the entire planet Earth. The prices can amount to $1 million. Details of the competition will soon be announced.

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