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Stephen Curry Receives Golf Training From Lydia Ko In Golden State Practice

Stephen Curry Receives Golf Training From Lydia Ko In Golden State Practice
2014-04-06, Warriors vs Jazz, Oracle arena, Oakland, California Noah Salzman / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

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Stephen Curry Receives Golf Training From Lydia Ko In Golden State Practice

The best golfer schools the best player of the NBA in a brilliant and rare sports moment. Such a rare spectacle was witnessed during the Golden State Warriors’ Wednesday’s practice session. World No 1 Lydia Ko, dropped in at Warriors training and she provided some lessons for to the MVP, Stephen Curry.

The Kiwi star was in California yesterday and Curry, being a huge golf-buff, was fascinated to see a glimpse of her skills. Ko was thrilled to meet Curry also.

Curry demonstrated a few of his world famous three point shots to Ko as the pair exchanged skill-pointers. Ko wasn’t impressive with her attempts at the basket; she got the line right but lacked the distance.

Ko was also elated to have met the Warriors’ big-man Andre Igoudala, another great golf fan. She tweeted “Not Sure whether I’ve met a bigger LPGA fan like Andre.” Warriors coach Steve Kerr also accompanied Ko during her brief stint at Golden State, as reported by

Kerr rewarded Curry and Igoudala with a chance to play in Augusta National last month for winning the NBA title last season. Curry has already notched up 300 three-pointers this season and the Warriors are on course to break the Chicago Bulls 72-10 best regular season record. The Bulls’ record stood for 20 long years. Golden State has also set up a new NBA record of 45-straight home wins very recently. If Ko, a basketball-buff, wanted to visit any team, there wasn’t any better option than the defending NBA champions.

Curry accepted a challenge from Ko with a court-length putt. Both the superstars carry a down-to-earth charisma. “I would love to play with him,” Ko said later, according to San Fransisco Chronicle. “but five a side is a bit too much.”

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