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Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving: Who Is The Best Point Guard In The NBA

Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving: Who Is The Best Point Guard In The NBA
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Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving: Who Is The Best Point Guard In The NBA

Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are two of the top point guards in the NBA today. A legitimate argument can be made that both players are better than Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul.

In a league where success is measured by jewelry, Curry is the proud owner of one championship ring. Irving, on the other hand, will get his at the start of next season.

As with all sports lists, only one player can claim the top spot. Basketball pundits are torn as to who between Curry and Irving is the best point guard in the league. Some use individual skill as the basis for their arguments, while some present cold hard stats.

According to Derek Tahara of Blue Man Hoop, Curry’s loss to Irving in the 2016 NBA Finals should not be used as conclusive evidence in the Chef Curry vs Uncle Drew debate. People often gloss over the fact that Irving played with LeBron James, the pseudo-point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Irving has sick handles, which helps him finish impressively off the dribble. That is his blessing and his curse. In Rio, Irving was often involved in isolation plays where his superstar teammates just stared at him to make a play. If he wasn’t so ball-dominant, Team USA would likely have larger margins of victory against Australia, France and Spain.

Sports-Kings believes that Irving is the better individual talent, while Curry is the better point guard. Both are score-first point guards, but Curry is the more team-oriented player.

Irving usually sees the double team as a challenge. On the other hand, Curry is more restraint. He knows when to hit the open man when defenses collapse on him.

One gripe against Curry is his durability. He seems to be suffering from chronic ankle issues. As for Irving, his issues have been on a per-injury basis.

In terms of achievements, Curry has played seven seasons in the league to Irving’s five. They have one championship apiece and both have participated in three All-Star Games. Curry has led the NBA in scoring and steals, en route to two league MVP trophies. Irving has a Rookie of the Year Award to boast.

Land Of Basketball reported that Curry has scored 11,089 points thus far in his career while Irving has 6,416. Curry also has more total rebounds (2,149 vs 1,060), assists (3,393 vs 1,696) and steals (885 vs 421) than Irving.

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