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Step Aside, Android 7 Nougat. Google Fuchsia Is Here.

Step Aside, Android 7 Nougat. Google Fuchsia Is Here.
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Step Aside, Android 7 Nougat. Google Fuchsia Is Here.

Google’s Android 7 Nougat is just around the corner, but it appears that the tech giant is not waiting for the rest of the market to catch up. Reports of a new “Fuchsia” operating system in the works has surfaced. Google is reportedly working on a system that can work across all platforms and possibly change the game. Can Google pull it off? 

Google’s New OS

Google wants more out of its operating systems, thus reports about the Fuschia operating system have started appearing. The software will reportedly be more than just an upgrade to the Android or Chrome OS; rather, it would be a unified operating system that can function across different platform like tablets, mobile phones, computers, and internet of things (IoT) devices.

According to Tech Worm, the news comes after several rumors of Google merging Chrome OS and Android started surfacing. However, people should realize that the software isn’t an upgrade of either. It will be an independent system that is not based on the Linux kernel.

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Fuchsia Details

Specifically, Magenta powers the Fuschia OS. It is designed to function on a range of devices, including those “embedded devices” as well as laptops and desktops. Google has not provided official details about the upgrade. The report added that the Git repository refers to the system as “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System).”

According to Android Police, the Linux kernel is not compatible for all. This is especially true for embedded devices like car dashboards or GPS units, since full-blown desktop kernels like Linux can cause a range of issues and affect performance. Moreover, the report claimed that it appears that Google decided to go for Flutter for the rest of user interface, and Dart for the primary programming language.

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