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Starbucks Releases Updated and More Secure Version of Its Mobile App

Starbucks Releases Updated and More Secure Version of Its Mobile App


Starbucks Releases Updated and More Secure Version of Its Mobile App

Starbucks Releases Secure Version Mobile AppStarbucks today released an update of its Mobile App for iOS. The intention was clear: to put additional safeguards as well as performance enhancements. The company has committed to extend protection for its mobile users to ensure them that their data will always be safe.

As expected, the update still comes as a free download. Existing users can readily get the update while those who are still not using it can now turn to Apple iTunes Store to download the app.

This move comes after several security experts previously raised concerns that Starbucks’ app for mobile payment could make it easier for hackers to access important data. According to reports, the coffee chain’s app has been storing not just customers’ names and email addresses but also their passwords.

All data are stored in clear text. Some IT experts have actually found that once a user’s smartphone with the app gets online, the password and all other important personal information becomes available and accessible to the public. Of course, without further emphasis, that could expose users to greater risks.

No impact of risk yet

Before the announcement and release of the update, Starbucks had already assured its app users that it will do everything just to make sure that their security is not compromised. The company even declared that this matter is of high or utmost important to it. The coffee chain also reiterated that it actively monitors for vulnerabilities and risks.

Starbucks this week also distributed a letter addressed to its customers. In that communication, it offered greater details about customer data and the mobile app.  The company also clarified that so far, this security problem has not yet created any unlikely impact to customers. It emphasized that so far, no security compromise or hacking from the use of the app has been reported.

Starbucks’ mobile payment app

The giant coffee chain’s app was launched in 2011. It has been available to customers especially those whose devices are operating on iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. The security problem has only been so far identified with the iOS version. Although it is expected that the company would soon also release updates for the two other versions.

Starbucks mobile app is being described in the industry these days as the most widely used mobile payment processor or app across the entire US. The company also gives out digital gift cards that can be reloaded for use in any of their locations.

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