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Starbucks Launches Drinks Just For New Year’s

Starbucks Launches Drinks Just For New Year’s
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Starbucks Launches Drinks Just For New Year’s

Starbucks, arguably the world’s most popular coffee house chain, is brewing something special just for this New Year.

Dubbed as the Tuxedo Beverage Collection, Starbucks announced Monday that this trio coffee variant is a “celebratory” collection. The special coffee collection will be available until January 1, the coffee company announced in a statement.

Tuxedo Beverage Collection Variants

Since it’s a trio collection, it obviously comes in three variants: the Tuxedo Mocha, Tuxedo Hot Chocolate, and the Tuxedo Frappuccino. Starbucks’ newest coffee collection features silky swirls of dark and white chocolate toppings.

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According to a report from Mashable, the 12 oz. Tuxedo Mochas and Frappuccinos will cost one between $4.25 and $4.45. On the other hand, its hot alternative costs between $3.25 and $3.45.

It was reported that this special collection is only available in selected Starbucks stores in the US and Canada. Starbucks did not indicate where exactly this coffee collection would be available.

Year-Ender Promos

Although the special celebratory coffee collection from Starbucks will only be available for a week, it has since drawn patronage. All three variants are made with Starbucks’ famous mocha sauce and white chocolate mocha sauce.

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The combination of the mocha and the white mocha sauces gives its black and white look, resembling a tuxedo. The global coffee chain thought this would be the best way to end the current year and to welcome 2017.

Meanwhile, Starbucks has also launched a 10-day special promo to honor its customers as it welcomes the year 2017. Dubbed as the 10 Days of Cheer, customers will be treated with Pop Up Cheer Parties in select Starbucks branches nationwide.

At least 100 select Starbucks stores will participate in this promo where customers will be given free tall espresso coffee. Of course, the store locations will be a surprise and it will vary daily.

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