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Starbucks Gives Free Coffee If You Discuss Opposing Political Views Nicely

Starbucks Gives Free Coffee If You Discuss Opposing Political Views Nicely
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Starbucks Gives Free Coffee If You Discuss Opposing Political Views Nicely

Talk about bridging the divide. Starbucks has come up with a unique way to heal political wounds ripping American society apart recently. Believe it or not, it involves free coffee.

To make this possible, Starbucks has partnered with Hi From The Other Side, a company started by Henry, a grad student in Boston. Working with his computer whiz friend Yasyf, they came up with a program to help promote pleasant exchanges between Democrats and Republicans all over America.

Following the 2016 elections, America became more politically divided than it had ever been in the past. In fact, a Gallup Poll done last year revealed that 77 percent of Americans felt the nation was divided. Days following President Donald Trump’s win, 49 percent also felt that Trump would end up dividing the country even further.

Across the country, people became visibly upset with each other. There were even reports of families refusing to spend Thanksgiving together due to their political differences. Today, the likes of Starbucks and Hi From The Other Side are trying to get several Americans on the same page again; well, sort of. And what better way to do so than share each other’s views over a cup of coffee.

You and your match get a gift card you can redeem together at Starbucks.

With the help of Starbucks, Hi From The Other Side believes it is still possible to “make a connection” despite the political tension hanging over everyone’s heads. It starts with Hi From Other Side finding you a prospective match. When you sign up and finish your Facebook authentication, the company will get your username, name and email address. This is what they will use to match you with someone.

Once they find you a match, Hi From The Other Side will send you a gift card that you can redeem with your match. “This means you’ll have to show up and work together to unlock the gift card!” the company explained.

If you happen to be nervous about meeting your match for coffee, don’t worry. Hi From The Other Side has got you covered. In fact, it has prepared a Conversation Guide to help the two of you break the tension. The guide also includes tips on how to keep the mood between you and your match pleasant.

Meanwhile, those who have already tried Hi From The Other Side are impressed by how well their meet-up turned out. One Trump supporter said, “We both respected each others position. I would like to have more conversations with others from the ‘other side.'” A Clinton supporter also remarked, “It was a great experience learning about each other’s lives and dreams, talking civilly about where we diverge, and finding surprising amounts of common ground.”

Politics may have divided America, but coffee can unite it.

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