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Starbucks And Lyft Enter A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Starbucks And Lyft Enter A Mutually Beneficial Partnership
Picture from Starbucks, Lyft/Starbucks Website


Starbucks And Lyft Enter A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Popular coffee chain Starbucks and ride sharing company Lyft have decided to create a unique partnership that will benefit Lyft drivers and riders as well as Starbucks staff.

According to the Starbucks Coffee Company, their new partnership with Lyft is a multi-year deal that aims to “increase value for current customers, attract new customers, reward Lyft drivers and explore a transportation benefit for partners (Starbucks employees).”

My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program

This new partnership means that Lyft drivers can choose to become a My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program gold status member while Lyft riders (along with the drivers) can also be able to collect Starbucks loyalty stars and redeem food and beverages at various participating Starbucks stores.

Moreover, Lyft says that its drivers can also earn loyalty stars just by giving rides. At the same time, Lyft will also be testing the idea of providing Starbucks Barista with free rides “to and from work , when they need most.”

According to Lyft, “Working with Starbucks also helps us bring our driver community closer together. We have long heard from drivers that Starbucks has become a place for them to connect with each other, and today’s announcement helps continue this shared tradition.”

Meanwhile, Starbucks has also announced that Lyft drivers can also receive Starbucks eGifts from customers by using the Lyft app. This allows riders to say “thank you for the ride” in a more unique and personal way.

According to Starbucks Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman, “With Lyft’s presence in 65 cities across the U.S., where we also have Starbucks serving the same communities, we knew this relationship would benefit our partners, Lyft’s drivers as well as our mutual customers who are already coming to Starbucks and using Lyft services.”

Moreover, he added, “This is a great win win. Our digital loyalty ecosystem will strengthen Lyft’s ability to attract and retain customers in a highly profitable way, while at the same time accelerating the incrementality of redemption of rewards.”

Lyft President and Co-founder John Zimmer can’t help but think that his company’s latest partnership with Starbucks makes all the sense in the world. Zimmer explained, “There are two things most of us do every morning: get a cup of coffee and commute to work. Together with Starbucks, we can make both a friendlier, more enjoyable experience.”

Moreover, he also said, “Lyft and Starbucks share a lot of the same customers and importantly we share a commitment to doing right by our customers and our people.

In the days, months and years ahead, we will launch exciting programs for loyal community members, and new products that will change the way we move around our cities.”

Just recently, Starbucks also announced partnerships with Spotify and The New York Times for its loyalty program.

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