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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Spoilers: Ezra Bridger Is Rey’s Father – Report

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Spoilers: Ezra Bridger Is Rey’s Father – Report
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Spoilers: Ezra Bridger Is Rey’s Father – Report

Just like the recent reports about the upcoming movie “Star Wars 8,” the third season of Star Wars Rebels is also surrounded with theories about the possible father of Rey.

In the Disney XD’s series, whose season 3 just premiered on Saturday, many fans are interested to know about the man behind the existence of Rey, a character introduced in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and portrayed by Daisy Ridley.

The latest update has surmised that Ezra Bridger could be the man fans have been trying to figure out all this time.

According to Gizmodo, the Star Wars Rebels season 3 theory has claimed that Ezra Bridger, which is said to be portrayed by Benicio del Torro” in the upcoming installment of the film series, could be around 30 years old when Rey was born.

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It was noted that this actually “makes sense,” especially that he also has Force powers in him.

However, this must be taken with a grain of salt since it is impossible to believe that he is capable of leaving her in a “cr*p*y” planet.

Apart from this theory, “Star Wars 8” fans have also shared their take on who really is the highly-possible character to play Rey’s father.

As fans Star Wars Rebels season 3 continue to dig for more information about Ezra Bridger, a Reddit user theorized few months ago that he could be Snoke.

“By the end of ‘Rebels S2,’ we have seen Ezra being tempted by the dark side,” the fan wrote. “I think he will continue to be corrupted by Maul and he will fall, he has the same conflicts as Anakin ie. The loss of his family and the pain and suffering that results.”

The Reddit theory further hinted that apart from uncovering this in Star Wars Rebels season 3, this could also be tackled in “Star Wars 8” – something which might support the past claim that Rey’s father is Snoke.

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