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‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers: Title, Plot, Release Dates & Rumors

‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers: Title, Plot, Release Dates & Rumors
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‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers: Title, Plot, Release Dates & Rumors

Brace yourself. A recently uploaded footage may have unveiled the title of Star Wars Episode 8. The news is definitely a shocker to all of us. But we are yet to confirm its authenticity. However, with recent leaks of set images, we believe the publishers may have confirmed this as the title.

The poster seen in the video shows us the title “Fall of the Resistance.” Fall? Maybe the death of Carrie Fisher? Let’s not get into that. However, we would like to point out that the title could be a hoax.

The video was uploaded on Reddit and has already gained worldwide traction. One Redditor usernamed NoNamedSheriff wrote in the comment section “If legit I called it,” linking to another Reddit page where the user guessed the title of Star Wars Episode 8.

Before you decide to hit the close button and let the name sink in, we have more spoilers for you. Reports by Making Star Wars have revealed a few images of what seems like the set of Star Wars Episode 8 in Pinewood Studios in England. The images were uploaded on imgur suggestung that a stranger had the chance to sneak into the place to capture photos of the Millennium Falcon.

The image suggests that the Falcon is situated at the Jedi temple, the place Luke Skywalker was seeking before The Force Awakens. iDigitalTimes also sides with Making Star Wars in believing that the place in the picture could be the Lost Jedi Temple due to the Dagobah-esque tree at the background as well as the steps, which look similar to the one Rey climbed to reach Luke.

The images indicate that Episode 8 will start where The Force Awakens ended. What goes on from there? We’ll have to wait for that till December 15 2017 when Episode 8 hits theaters.

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