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‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Actor Idris Elba Shares His Winding Climb To Stardom

‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Actor Idris Elba Shares His Winding Climb To Stardom
Idris Elba’s father was born in Sierra Leone and his parents were married in the country. He attended the ‘Defeating Ebola in Sierra Leone’ conference on October 2 2014. DFID – UK Department for International Development / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

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‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Actor Idris Elba Shares His Winding Climb To Stardom

Idris Elba, the actor who came from nothing to become one of Hollywood’s best actors. The “Star Trek: Beyond” star recalled how he prepared for one of the best roles offered to him. He played the role of South Africa’s greatest leader, Nelson Mandela.

For his role, he requested to be allowed to enter the former President’s cell, live there like a real prisoner and sleep on the cold, hard floor of the cell. He immersed himself on his part and succeeded to give the realistic portrayal of his role.

Idris Elba according to HeatStreet learned how to act at age 16 when he got a scholarship grant to study at the National Youth Theater. The scholarship came from Prince Charles’ trust that his drama teacher helped him to avail.

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His parents were immigrants from Sierra Leone who travelled to London to flee from poverty and hardship. His father worked in a car production company but cannot give him a decent education. His drama teacher saw his potential and helped him open the way for his success.

He experienced selling drugs and working at nightclubs. He knows how it is to be homeless and penniless. But because he was a dreamer, he never allowed himself to be put down.

He went to New York and checked with the YMCA. He tried to perfect his American accent. This then paved the way for his to get his first acting role in HBO’s “The Wire.”

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Because of his love for acting and hard work, Idris Elba is now one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. At present, he is working on two big films, “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Star Trek: Beyond.” He has appeared in countless films since “The Wire.”

Recently, he was rumored to portray the James Bond role. However, as reported by Yahoo, he said that he is too old to play the role.

He has also several relationships with women like Hanne Norgaard (whom he married and had a daughter) and Naiya Garth (with who he has a son). He married Sonya Nicole Hamlin but divorced her right away. He had a relationship with Desiree Newberry who bore him a son but later found out the child was not his. He was also linked to Naomi Campbell.

Idris Elba has walked the crooked road but that did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. He now lives a life worthy of envy.

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