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STAR Flight Nurse Dies After Falling From Helicopter

STAR Flight Nurse Dies After Falling From Helicopter
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STAR Flight Nurse Dies After Falling From Helicopter

A 46-year-old flight nurse named Kristin McLain died after she fell from a helicopter hoist while saving a woman in Austin. Travis County, Texas STAR Flight has informed that Kristin lost her life on Monday night.

According to a news release, McLain was cut from her hoist while assisting a woman who had fallen in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Nurse McLain was declared dead on the spot. It is not yet confirmed from what height McLain fell from.

The rescued woman was rushed to University Medical Center-Brackenridge in Austin with non-life-threatening injuries. Lisa Block, spokeswoman for Travis County Emergency Services, said that McLain, a single woman, was working with STAR Flight for seven years.

Throwing light on the unfortunate death of the nurse, Block said that the hoist is an extended arm off the helicopter that lets rescuers direct a transporter to a patient and that “typically a rescuer will go with that carrier.”

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the incident.

“Safety comes first with Star Flight,” Block said. “So of course we will be looking at everything that happened, all of our equipment, the processes to see what needs to be improved. That will also be part of the investigation. Right now our thoughts are with the family and her friends.”

“A lot of times STAR Flight will go to community groups and talk about what they do. She was always smiling and telling people about what she does. She was very passionate about her job.”

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