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St. Louis Rams Trading Sam Bradford To Eagles

St. Louis Rams Trading Sam Bradford To Eagles


St. Louis Rams Trading Sam Bradford To Eagles

Sam Bradford Drinking Milk

Sam Bradford challenges Fuel Up to Play 60 participants to a milk drinking competition during the Student Ambassador Summit in Washington, D.C. (Photo Courtesy of from Wikimedia Commons

The St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have announced on Tuesday their plans to exchange quarterbacks. Sam Bradford, who had been topping the overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, comes to the Eagles in exchange for Nick Foles.

The Rams, additionally, will be acquiring Philadelphia’s fourth-round pick in 2015 and second-round pick in 2016, the NFL reported on its website. The Eagles will acquire St. Louis’ fifth-round pick in 2015 apart from Bradford.

The Eagles will get a fourth-round pick if Bradford plays less than eight games. If he doesn’t play at all due to injury, they will get the third-round pick.

Both Bradford and Foles had limited access last season. Bradford missed the entire season for tearing his left knee for the second straight time. Foles, on the other hand, missed the second half of the season for injuring his collarbone in a game against Houston.

Foles’ record had been 14-4 in the 18 games he played with his coach, Chip Kelly, according to ESPN. He fared better than Michael Vick as Philadelphia’s starter with 27 successful touchdowns and just two interceptions last season.

Kelly’s decision to acquire Bradford at the expense of Foles had been a bold one. Bradford has immense skills, but he failed to appear last season due to injuries.

The Rams traded with the Houston Texans to acquire quarterback Case Keenum, sources said. Houston, on the other hand, acquired a 7th-round pick from St. Louis in 2016.

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