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Spurs Rumors: Ginobili Likely To Return To San Antonio

Spurs Rumors: Ginobili Likely To Return To San Antonio
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Spurs Rumors: Ginobili Likely To Return To San Antonio

To rope in the most sought-after star of this season’s free agency, LaMarcus Aldridge, the San Antonio Spurs traded Tiago Splitter, and many more of their roster cleared out to secure the former Trail Blazer forward’s max deal. Now they need to bring as many men as they can back. They can offer very little to the guys without possessing their bird rights. Bird Rights enable a team to re-sign a player in spite of exceeding salary cap under the CBA. So they intend to secure Manu Ginobili’s return for another season.

The Argentine veteran master told native newspaper La Nacion that he would be confirming his future contract next week and reveal his future decisions there only. Spurs, however, are desperately trying to re-sign Ginobili and are quite optimistic about it, according to ESPN.

Emanuel David Ginobili, who played 23 minutes per match last season, averaging 10.5 points and 4.2 assists, can provide manifold use in a team’s roster. He can make big-plays, shine on big games and is a good long-range shooter. Though the Argentine often struggles defensively, conceding a number of turnovers.

The Spurs don’t have much choice after spending cap on Aldridge, and retaining Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and Tim Duncan, who signed on a discount. They are now eying to keep restricted free-agent Cory Joseph and wing-man Ginobili. Tim Duncan hinted that he’s going to play another year, but his Argentine compatriot’s decision on future couldn’t be predicted. He was expected to retire after game 6 against the Clippers, but Ginobili kept his decision open as Spurs bowed out in game 7 of that series.

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