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Sprint’s Boost Mobile Offers $35-Per-Month 4G LTE Plan

Sprint’s Boost Mobile Offers $35-Per-Month 4G LTE Plan


Sprint’s Boost Mobile Offers $35-Per-Month 4G LTE Plan

There is now another practical option for mobile users. Sprint’s Boost Mobile is set to take the interest of consumers who are sensitive to price. In fact, the mobile carrier is now offering very fast 4G LTE service for as low as $35 a month.

The pre-paid mobile network yesterday introduced its new and limited-time promo that offers its customers 4G LTE service at a cheap price. The deal would be ideal for subscribers who dislike the usually lengthy service contract of up to two years.

The product is now available through, Radio Shack, Best Buy, and some other Boost retailers. The promo, however, is set to end by March 31 only. Thus, consumers would have to rush now to avail of this tempting mobile offer. After the promo period, the price tag for the package is set to go up.

Unlimited services

With this promo, customers could enjoy unlimited services like talk, text and data. For the promo period, everything would go for $35 per month, until its next six months. But that has the condition that subscribers should avail of an eligible and recommended Boost 4F LTE device.

Those who are particular about the kind of handsets they use could rave with the service. The deal currently includes popular smartphones like iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and Samsung Galaxy S III. Customers could also opt to buy Boost MAX, Boost Warp 4G, LG Optimus F, Boost Force, and HTC One SV.

Continued practical scheme

What happens after six months? The subscribers to the service would see their monthly bill go up, but not drastically. Regular price would be at $50 per month. But users could always go for the Shrinking Payments scheme. With the program, your bill could possibly be reduced by up to $5 for each six on-time payments. The bill could possibly down to as low as just $40 per month.

This deal would include unlimited access to data. But as a standard practice, the network would throttle down from the LTE service after the allotted 2.5GB of data is consumed. The video, on the other hand, would be limited to just 3G speeds, which is not bad at all.

Consumers should also be reminded that 4G LTE service could only be enjoyed in areas where it is available. There is still limited coverage of the service. Today, the 4G LTE network of Sprint is up and operational in 340 markets across the country.

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