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Sprint Pulls the Plug on Its ‘One Up’ Early Upgrade Program

Sprint Pulls the Plug on Its ‘One Up’ Early Upgrade Program


Sprint Pulls the Plug on Its ‘One Up’ Early Upgrade Program

Sprint Pulls the Plug on One Up Early Upgrade ProgramThe landscape of mobile networks in the country continues to shakeup, bringing about sudden and drastic changes to the strategies of almost all players. This time, the spotlight turns to Sprint, which has recently made a quiet announcement over a major change in a recently launched campaign.

The wireless carrier has announced that it is pulling the plug on its ‘One Up’ program. It is an early upgrade plan offered to customers who prefer to trade in their handsets every 12 months instead of every two years.

One Up was launched just last September as Sprint tried to follow the lead of other competitors like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. However, unlike its counterparts, Sprint is backing out from that offering just four months after it was launched.

In a brief note posted on its official online site, Sprint ironically exclaimed “Heads up!”. It announced that the plan ended last January 9. To replace the campaign, the company is now pushing another program called the ‘Framily’ plan.

Sprint’s new Framily plan

Under the new Framily plan, a subscriber could get as many as 10 separate phone lines in a single account. Each of those, however, would take separate billing. The plan would also be extended to non-relatives. Sprint noted that with this scheme, subscribers could still be able to take an early upgrade, but first, there would be a need to shoulder unlimited data plan.

When Framily plan was unveiled during the recent Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Sprint simply explained that it is constantly evaluating its programs to find out how it could best meet customers’ requirements.

Offering greater value to customers

It then added that it believes that the new Framily plan would help its customers obtain greater value and better options. The company reiterated that each family member in the plan would be able to customize his own subscription plan to be able to meet his individual preferences and needs.

The Framily plan begins at a monthly cost of $55 for unlimited talk and text plus up to 1GB of data. It may go down by about $5 each month per person who joins the group, but there is a maximum monthly markdown of $30 for every line. Unlimited data comes with the option for yearly upgrades and is offered for $20 each month per line.

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