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Sprint Offers ‘Easy Pay’ Plan as Sort of Replacement to Ditched ‘One Up’ Plan

Sprint Offers ‘Easy Pay’ Plan as Sort of Replacement to Ditched ‘One Up’ Plan


Sprint Offers ‘Easy Pay’ Plan as Sort of Replacement to Ditched ‘One Up’ Plan

Sprint Offers Easy Pay PlanSeveral days after formally ditching its ‘One Up’ plan, Sprint introduced before weekend its new ‘Easy Pay’ plan. The mobile network did not actually describe the new program as a replacement for the one it previously ended, but many customers easily consider it as one because it aims to upgrade subscribers to any new device earlier than their contracts’ expiration dates.

Easy Pay plan now allows customers to buy a new handset anytime they want and then pay for the purchase by shouldering an initial down payment with 24 monthly installments. Sprint added that through the new program, its customers could upgrade to a new smartphone as soon as they have completely paid off their remaining balance on their current handsets.

Easy Pay plan

In a statement, Sprint senior vice president for marketing Tom Roberts said that Easy Pay plan was designed to help the company’s customers get what they want as soon as they want it without breaking the bank for payments. He added that Sprint knows that many of its customers don’t want to wait longer before they are given the chance to switch to the greatest and latest phones.

Once a subscriber upgrades to any new phone through the new Easy Pay plan, he could have the option to keep his paid-off device. He could also opt to sell it back to the company through the buyback program that offers a credit of up to $300. That would surely be tempting.

One Up and Framily plans

However, Sprint declared that Easy Pay plan would be available only for a limited time. But it refused to specify exactly how limited and how long the program would remain active. This may be taken as a reminder from the company for its subscribers to hurry up and take advantage of this attractive offer until it lasts.

Sprint pulled the plug on its recent early upgrade plan ‘One Up’ just four months after it was launched. When it made the announcement this past week, the company simply advised customers to opt for the ‘Framily’ plan instead. The concept family plan now extends to non-relatives so that an account could add up to 10 lines at most. Sprint also declared that with the Framily plan, customers could still upgrade to new handsets earlier but there is a need to shoulder unlimited data first.

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