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Sprint Entices Rivals’ Customers through a $650 Offer to Switch Networks

Sprint Entices Rivals’ Customers through a $650 Offer to Switch Networks


Sprint Entices Rivals’ Customers through a $650 Offer to Switch Networks

Sprint seems to be catching up to the intense competition. It has become more aggressive on its aim to poach customers from rivals. The mobile telecom carrier now offers to shoulder the break up fees subscribers should pay upon ditching other carriers, provided that those customers would switch to the company’s service.

Last Friday, Sprint became more aggressive against competitors when it launched its new ‘Framily Switching Bonus.’ The new promo offers prospective switchers up to $650 just to cover the total cost of switching carriers and coming to Sprint.

Those who are enticed to switch to Sprint from other carriers should act in a hurry. That is because this enticing deal is available only until May 8. That means there is still about a month before you make up your mind whether to accept the invitation or not.

The program

As stipulated in the offer, subscribers of other networks could surrender their current accounts to Sprint. Initially, each switcher will instantly receive $300 in credit just from trading his present subscription to other carrier into a new Sprint account.

Additionally, a Visa Prepaid card with a load of up to $350 would be given to the new customer. The amount is allocated for paying back the termination fees, if there are any. Before obtaining this gift card, you have to first submit the copy of your latest bill from your old telecom carrier.

But the catch of course is that the promo is applicable only for signing up to the new plan ‘Framily’ group from Sprint. In turn, this plan literally extends the traditional concept of family plans even to non-relatives. It would allow customers to add up to about 10 lines into a single account to save money. Each person in the account would receive separate bills.

Bolstering Framily plan

In a statement, Jeff Hallock, Sprint’s chief marketing officer said this promo is also intended to make it easier for new customers to get into the Framily. He reiterated that the company sees promising momentum in the group plan. Thus, it has launched this scheme.

However, you may eventually realize that this program is not actually a unique and innovative one. In fact, other carriers have already launched similar schemes in the past. T-Mobile rolled out an identical promo in January, also offering up to $650 to customers of other networks who would sign up and transfer to T-Mobile. AT&T’s similar offer in January only offered $450 for switching.   

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