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Spotify is Introducing Android Features in Windows Phone Apps

Spotify is Introducing Android Features in Windows Phone Apps


Spotify is Introducing Android Features in Windows Phone Apps

The users who loved to see their Windows Phone behave pretty much the similar way to Android nifty styles and fashions will be aided greatly with the plans of Spotify. It is aiming to introduce graceful features in the apps of Windows phone.

Spotify’s Windows Phone app has been in working for quite some time, but now the company has decided to bring all of its best and latest features to Microsoft’s mobile platform in the coming weeks. The target of Spotify is to develop the features that closely resemble with the Android apps. The development in the app is certainly leading towards the Android resemblance. The current design is quite similar to the Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ design language while the newer version is more aligned with the Android version. The design is completely fresh alongside other features like browse, radio, and discover. These great features have been missing for a long time in Windows Phone that will be brought back by Spotify soon.

The current app seems to be completely rewritten in the new version.

This upgrade of Spotify will be quite useful for the users in the future in availing its unique design and key features. The biggest problem with the current design is that it lacks the key features to a great extent. The performance and design were also lacking the quality that you should expect from the Windows Phone. The upgrade in the recent model was stringently required from the perspective of the users. Spotify is currently showing up the upgrade in the features and user interface at the moment in the current app. It will definitely lead towards the version that will be pretty much like Android’s counterparts.

The release of this major update is expected soon. However, during the spring, the release of Windows Phone 8.1 update is on the cards that might delay the update by Spotify for Windows Phone. It is pretty much evident that Spotify is taking advantage of the updates in the Windows 8.1 to incorporate the similar features in Windows Phone Apps. This new update will only be available for Spotify premium subscribers initially in spring.

The company is also working on another revolutionary project at the moment. It is currently working on the Spotify free mobile services for Windows Phone.  These services will be launched at some point in the future that will provide great fascination and attraction for users.

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