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Spotify Introduces a New Family Premium Plan

Spotify Introduces a New Family Premium Plan


Spotify Introduces a New Family Premium Plan

Spotify Introduces a New Family Premium PlanSpotify has just announced that’s planning to roll out one of the service’s most customer requested feature – a family plan which allows users to “share” their Spotify Premium plan with several of their family members under the same billing account.

“This is one of the most asked for features from our audience,” says Ken Parks, Chief Content Officer at Spotify. “With today’s announcement we’re making it easier than ever for the whole family to experience Spotify Premium on their phones, at home and on the go.”

The “Spotify Family” plan lets new and current Premium subscribers purchase additional subscriptions for up to four of their family members at a 50% discount or $5 each. This means instead of paying $50 for you and your four other family members you now only need to pay $30 for everyone or $15 if you want to share your account with only one other person.

This doesn’t mean all the users under the “Spotify Family” plan will have to share the same account, the same set of playlists, or the same listening history. Each person under the plan will receive their own Spotify account with all the same Premium features such as listening offline, high bitrate music, unlimited skips on mobile apps, no restrictions, and no ads, among other things.

With the music streaming service industry becoming more and more competitive as other companies like Apple and Deezer start trying to wrench more customers from each other by giving more value to subscribing to  their service, the Spotify Family Plan is the company’s way of bringing more people into its fold by making it easy for current members to bring in their relatives into the service.

According to the company, Spotify Family will begin rolling out globally in stages over the coming weeks. Spotify announced last May that the service currently has over 10 million Premium subscribers and over 40 million active users in 56 different markets.

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