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Spotify Finally Offers Free Music Streaming Option on Windows Phone

Spotify Finally Offers Free Music Streaming Option on Windows Phone


Spotify Finally Offers Free Music Streaming Option on Windows Phone

Spotify Finally Offers Free Music Streaming Option on Windows PhoneIn the latest update of Spotify on Windows Phone, the music streaming app has finally brought the free option to the devices using the Microsoft mobile operating system. Thus, users can now listen to streaming music of any music artist, album, or even playlist on the shuffle mode.

Windows Phone users can also check out the ‘Browse’ section to listen to playlists that the app itself has created to suit various moods. But to clarify, membership is still necessary to listen to songs and playlists on demand.

However, the free option is still supported by ads, which is quite logical. Before this update, Windows Phone users had to subscribe to the Premium option, which costs $10 per month, so they would be allowed to listen to live stream of music through the app.

Coming to Windows Phone

This of course, is not the first time for Spotify to roll out the free music streaming on mobile. It was in December last year when this feature landed on more popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

In a statement, Microsoft revealed its excitement to welcome this feature on Windows Phone. Microsoft corporate vice president Steve Guggenheimer said the free music streaming option brings the well-loved music listening experience to users of its mobile devices around the world.

More interesting features

What’s more? The update of Spotify on Windows Phone also brings more improvements. First, the app is now noticeably easier to browse. Consequently, it is now easier to discover artists and their music on it. Lastly, search results now look much better, facilitating a better user experience.

The latest version of Spotify is now available for download through the Windows Phone Store. Existing users can instantly update their Spotify app on their Windows Phone devices. The newly updated app works best on mobile phones that are running on Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows Phone 8.1.

This news comes shortly after Spotify rolled out its Serendipity project, which is aimed at uniting all music listeners on mobile phones. It supports simultaneous music listening experiences around the world. Serendipity was created by Spotify’s first ever resident media artist Kyle McDonald, who is known as an interactive artist. It features an animated and real-time world map that indicates if two  people simultaneously listen to similar playlists or songs on Spotify, regardless of device or operating system.

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