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Spoilers: Lady Gaga Set To Take AHS By Storm

Spoilers: Lady Gaga Set To Take AHS By Storm
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Spoilers: Lady Gaga Set To Take AHS By Storm

American Horror Story: Hotel, the 5th season of the horror anthology, begins Wednesday, and Lady Gaga, who plays the lead, is set to to take show by storm.

Have you ever experienced paranoia while locked inside a hotel room? Ever felt like the bell boys, receptionist and hotel staff haven’t been as welcoming as they ought to be? Felt like they played mind games? If yes, then you’d be able to relate to the latest edition of “American Horror Story” (AHS).

Ryan Murphy’s award-winning series has pushed the right buttons with each passing season. From Murder House to Asylum to Coven to Freak Show, each iteration has featured unique storylines and characters with recurring twists and chills, but for one constant – Jessica Lange, two-time Oscar winner. Alas, “AHS: Hotel” is the first chapter of the anthology not to feature the legendary actress.

Guess who replaces Lange as the leading act? Imagine if that Hotel you once visited is supervised by a countess portrayed by Lady Gaga. Yes, that’s right. The word around Hollywood is that viewers will be amazed at the Diva’s acting talents. Gaga seems ready. Earlier today, in a photo posted on Instagram, she smokes and gives the finger with a cigarette dangles on her lips.

The story unfolds in Hotel Cortez, a downtown LA deco throwback, with the set resembling Stanley Kubric’s classic “The Shining.”  The Verge writes: “Everything from the carpet to the sight of a creepy child standing at the end of a long hallway brings the film (The Shining) to mind.”

According to Yahoo, Gaga portrays a 1940s tough broad who looks at a handsome guy and delivers a line with hardboiled-novel imagery: “Your boy has a jaw-line for days.” With Gaga set to play the lead role, the many returnees include Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Chloe Sevigny, Denis O’Hare, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts.

Get ready for a lot of blood-sopping murders, blonde scream queens, and lethal drugs. You can rest assured that the debut episode of the new season will blow you away.

It’s showtime. #ahshotel TONIGHT

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