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Spoiler Alert: Cheryl’s Birthday Is On July 16

Spoiler Alert: Cheryl’s Birthday Is On July 16
Image from Flickr by Aaron Escobar


Spoiler Alert: Cheryl’s Birthday Is On July 16

Image from Flickr by Aaron Escobar

Image from Flickr by Aaron Escobar

Cheryl’s birthday is on July 16, the Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiads or SASMO has confirmed in a statement. The organization that brought the viral Singaporean math problem said that the question was created for math olympiads, not for regular grade schoolers as what was widely reported.

Viral Singapore Math Problem: When Is Cheryl’s Birthday?

The math problem has since become viral, with different international networks reporting about it. SASMO was compelled to release a statement explaining the viral math problem that is now trending worldwide. Parents has become worried that such P5 logic question is being asked to grade schoolers on an everyday basis.

“To whom it may concern, we would appreciate if you could post this reply to clarify the ‘supposedly P5 viral question’ that appeared on several websites. We think it is important to clarify so that Singapore parents will not start to worry so much,” SASMO said in a statement.

The organization said that the supposedly P5 problem is actually a question from the Secondary 3 and from the Secondary 4 SASMO contests held on Apr 8, 2015. It is not meant to be asked for regular grade schoolers on a normal school day.

“Being Question 24 out of 25 questions, this is a difficult question meant to sift out the better students. SASMO contests target the top 40% of the student population and the standards of most questions are just high enough to stretch the students,” the statement stated as posted on SASMO’s Facebook Page.

Cheryl’s Birthday is July 16

The question goes:

SASMO has provided the solution to the problem:

Elsewhere, different media organizations have reported about the Singapore math problem. The New York Times, The Washington Post, UK’s The Guardian and BBC, and Business Insider are just few among the many big news websites that have reported and provided answers to the viral math problem.

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