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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Cast Confirmed, Villain Revealed In Trailer Description

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Cast Confirmed, Villain Revealed In Trailer Description
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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Cast Confirmed, Villain Revealed In Trailer Description

Before the start of SDCC 2016, there were rumors suggesting no announcements from Spider-man Homecoming at Marvel Panel. However, the misconception was soon shattered when Marvel President Kevin Feige called director Jon Watts and the movie cast.

Zendaya, Tony Revolori, Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier were part of the panel. But fans were more eager to know about their characters for the movie.

While fans were disappointed initially, the whole crew later had an interview with Entertainment Weekly at SDCC. During their talk, Jon Watts revealed that Zendaya will star as Michelle, Revolori as Flash, Harrier as Liz, and Batalon as Ned.

In earlier reports, Jacob Batalon was rumored to play the role of Ned. While the character is a reporter from the Daily Bugle, he soon transforms into a villain known as Hoblogin.

Sony also released a concept art, revealing the main supervillain as the Vulture. But that’s not all. According to io9, a new teaser trailer of Spider-man Homecoming was also screened at SDCC.

The description suggests that  the footage shows glimpses of Peter Parker in high school, watching a clip of himself in YouTube battling Giant Man from Civil War, found being “creepy” by Zendaya, interacting in chemistry class and more.

In the end, fans also get to see a scene of Peter Parker as Spider-man and conclude by giving us the first look at the Vulture. Unlike any other suit, it seems to be more futuristic and mechanical.

It was earlier confirmed that the public release of trailer/teaser shown at SDCC will be delayed. Perhaps, fans can expect it to be released by the end of the month. Spider-man: Homecoming movie will be released on July 7th, 2017.

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