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Speedrunner To Pay $1000 To Mario 64 Players! Learn How to Win

Speedrunner To Pay $1000 To Mario 64 Players! Learn How to Win
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Speedrunner To Pay $1000 To Mario 64 Players! Learn How to Win

We have heard that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but what if one day someone suddenly decides to pay for all play and no work? Jack would never in his lifetime become a dull boy, right?

Player pannenkoek2012, a speedrunner and a devoted Mario player, spotted a glitch in the game while watching DOTA_TeaBag, a Twitch user’s stream.

What’s the Glitch?

While on a Mario 64 Tick Tock Clock Stage, DOTA_Teabag spotted an “upwarp” in the game. As the game has been around for ages now, it is next to impossible to find any glitch in it. These speedrunners luckily found one and got so excited that one of the YouTubers claimed to give away $1000 to anyone who comes across such a glitch in Mario 64.

This may not be a big deal for non-gamers, but gamers have been going crazy over it, especially Mario fans. Finding something unexpectedly new in the game at such level can be the reason behind it.

$1000 for a glitch? Is it worth it?

Earning by playing games isn’t new for gamers. But $1000 is something that is not very common and has managed to surprise even the gaming experts. We don’t know if any other gamer can benefit from this offer as finding glitches in this game is a rare case.

Not to forget that pannenkoek2012 is the one who is enjoying all the fame and attention after his claim to give away $1000. His YouTube account has already gotten up to 600K views for whatever he has said.

Now that is a smart way to earn views as well as advertising revenue from views without spending a single penny.

For a clear idea about what the gamers spotted while playing, have a look at this video:

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