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Special ‘Destiny’ Edition For PS4: Is It Worth The Price?

Special ‘Destiny’ Edition For PS4: Is It Worth The Price?
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Special ‘Destiny’ Edition For PS4: Is It Worth The Price?

The hottest member of the PS4 family is here now. Limited edition “Destiny: The Taken King” PS4 Bundle is going to be available this September. However, the news is not all that good, particularly because of the hefty price tag that even old players of Destiny have to bear with.

The bundle, though expensive, will offer a package that can meet all expectations of hardcore fans. It will include a 500GB Limited Edition PS4 system along with a physical “Destiny: The Taken King” Legendary Edition copy. The PS4 is white in color and the design is truly inspired by the game. The physical Destiny copy will include The Taken King as well as Expansions I and II.

With this package also comes an automatic upgrade to Digital Collector’s Edition. This will include a bunch of other things sure to fulfill any fan’s wishlist. The items bundled includes three classic-specific emotes, three exotic Guardian class items and three armor shaders.

Do you want more? In case you do, there is also an early access weapons pack in the package. The design of the PS4 showcases a map of the cosmos with the Guardians crest taking central position, which itself is charming to look at.

As it was revealed during the E3 Press Conference, “Destiny: The Taken King” comes with extensive new additions starting with a fresh Campaign adventure, a new story, new sub-classes with Supers, rewards, weapons and many more.

In case you are not playing “Destiny,” now is the time for you to jump in. For existing PS3 players, there is a chance of updating to the latest version on PS4.

PS4 owners will also gain access to a number of exclusive content like a co-op Strike, three legendary gear sets, and a PVP multiplayer map along with an exotic scout rifle – the Jade Rabbit. So even if it is going to be a costly affair, it is actually worth the money.

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