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Spark: The “Replacement Mailbox” Lands On The iPad

Spark: The “Replacement Mailbox” Lands On The iPad
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Spark: The “Replacement Mailbox” Lands On The iPad

One email program is lucky as it lands on iPad and iPad Pro. The move is set to please email power users. The lucky program is called “Spark.” It is one of the few programs that are set to replace the “popular” recently defunct Mailbox.

Spark, according to Tech Crunch, is an email app that sports several popular features. Some of these features include “read later.” The app’s system also creates read receipts and allows the user to send emoticon replies to their messages.

The email app has also been updated in order to support Watch OS and a total of nine languages. It has also updated its UX or user experience design.  The team behind the Spark has timed the launching of the said app in order to coincide with the death of the popular “snoozing” email app, Mailbox.

Mailbox is a mobile app that has been known for its usability and innovations. It has been popular for iOS and Android users for a long time. According to its blog post, it has joined Dropbox in 2013, however three years later just this Feb. 26 they have decided to say goodbye to their users and kill the said app.

Spark claims that it will make it easier for users to work through their inbox faster than they are used to. It says that it is a smart unified inbox that collects all of the user’s emails and then categorizes them for easy processing later.

It also has a customizable snooze, much like that of the Mailbox. One can swipe their emails to snooze the following day or the day after the next, whichever is preferred if they cannot finish that task at that day. It also notifies the user if he has received an important email. Aside from that, the email app is said to be fun, friendly and fully customizable to tend to the customer’s preference.

Spark can be easily downloaded from its website. Don’t worry Mac users; a version of the said email app for you guys will also be coming soon.

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