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‘Spanish Spoiler’ Identity, Name, Photo Revealed! ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 More Spoilers To Come

‘Spanish Spoiler’ Identity, Name, Photo Revealed! ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 More Spoilers To Come
Spanish Spoiler Frikidoctor/ YouTube


‘Spanish Spoiler’ Identity, Name, Photo Revealed! ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 More Spoilers To Come

Spanish Spoiler — By now, everybody has heard him, at least the avid, avid “Game of Thrones” fans. If HBO is now so worried about him that the network is taking down his “Game of Thrones” video leaks down, then he must really be something.

But who is he?

We got his real identity, name, and even face for all of you interested!

The “Spanish Spoiler” is hardly selfish – after all, he’s giving away very accurate, and very timely “Game of Thrones” spoilers. But not only that, having felt the demand to know who he is and why he can give out leaks two days ahead of the recent “Game of Thrones” Season 6 episodes, he himself presented who he is!

He posted a YouTube video to present who he is and what he looks like. He even reacted to HBO’s hunt against him and his videos.

In his YouTube page, the “Spanish Spoiler” revealed that he is Jose Senaris, a digestive surgeon and well-known scriptwriter from Madrid Spain.

He’s the creative scriptwriter of a really popular Spanish show, “El Hormiguero.”

He added that he is almost 44-years-old. He said he loves s being “old,” because at this age, he does not care about what other people think about him. He is an avid anime fan and an ultimate geek! Frikidoctor, his Youtube page can be translated to a “Geek doctor,” he shared.

He clarified that he is not rich because apparently, Spain has the worst wages for doctors, compared to other European countries. Being a scriptwriter does not pay well too.

Enough of this chitchat. The more pressing question now is will there be more “Game of Thrones” Season 6 spoilers to come? Especially since HBO had already taken notice of his “activity?”

He said he is very well aware of what HBO is doing and implied that he might lose the ability to give out spoilers. He explained that information given to him is not the video of the episode itself, but the detailed summary.

He emphasized that these summaries are given to him out of his “insider’s” own volition. He cannot ask for these himself. He instead joked that Barack Obama is the one who is sending him the information, which implies he cannot leak who this person is.

While this sounds bad, fans should not lose hope! In a more recent YouTube video, where he opted to speak in his native tongue, the amazing “spoiler” claimed that YouTube was able to restore all his videos back online. He thanked his fans for the support.

“Youtube ha tenido en cuenta mis contranotificaciones, me ha dado la razón en todos los casos, y los vídeos vuelven a estar online. Muchas, muchas gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo,” he captioned the video.

If YouTube can do that, the Spanish Spoiler’s insider might also become more interested in giving out more “detailed summaries.”

This means “Game of Thrones” fans can expect more spoilers to come. If you’re the sort who cannot wait until the episode airs to answer the burning questions you have, then this is good news!

He has an profile if you are further interested to know the man.

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